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Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests

Sorting The Elite

NEWTs Exam
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1. We only accept members that are 18 years of age or older at the time they apply.

2. This is an elite sorting community. If you aren't elite, don't apply. If we don't think you are elite, you will get rejected and not be sorted into any house.

3. If we feel that you are pushing for one certain house, you will get rejected and not be sorted into any house.

4. We know that everyone makes mistakes, but there is a spell checker. If you misspell enough words that it hurts us to read your application, you most likely won't be accepted.

5. Don't write anything that you aren't completely sure of. We will call you on mistakes. If you can't remember something, you have two options. (a)Don't write it (b)look it up.

6. We will expect you to show knowledge of all six books in order to be accepted into this community. Spoilers will therefore not be marked.

7. If we do not think you have answered our questions in enough detail, we will give you one chance to correct your answers.

8. If you believe you were sorted into the wrong house, you will have to submit a complaint to the Headmaster the_duke - John. He will decide if your complaint is valid and the members of the community will then resort you. The decision of the appeal will be final. You can only apply for an appeal once. See the F.A.Q. section for more information on how to make an appeal.

9. All large images (that are big enough to mess with the layout), icon posts containing more than four icons, quizes, memes, long posts, etc. should be placed under LJ cuts.

10. If you are for some reason going to be inactive for a long period of time, please inform your Head of House and/or the Headmaster. Otherwise, you will be expelled.

11. The Headmaster has the right to give house points and take them away.

12. The Headmaster in the case of a unanimous decision has the power to chose a house for an unsorted student, as well as expel them.

13. You must be a stamped member before you are allowed to vote on any other applications.

What is a common room? How do I find mine? Your common room is the place where you can converse with other members of your house. No students are allowed in any common room except the one that is specifically for their house. Here are links to the common rooms: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

I feel like I was placed in the wrong house. What do I do now? If you feel you were placed in the wrong house, you must send an email to the Headmaster (The_Duke78 at hotmail dot com) with a subject entitled 'APPEAL'. If he decides to accept your appeal, you will be allowed to fill out the application again. (Please note that your original application will also be taken into consideration.)

How does the voting work? After you have been officially stamped and sorted into a Hogwarts house, you may begin voting on other applications. After carefully reading the application, you have two ways to vote. Squib (meaning this person shouldn't be allowed in the community at this time, but will be able to re-apply after one month), or Hufflepuff/Slytherin/Gryffindor/Ravenclaw, whichever house you feel said person belongs in. You must vote in the subject line of your reply (i.e. Slytherin). The body of the comments should be a place for stating why you voted as you did. Please try to give as many reasons as you can. Do not vote in reply to another person. It is very difficult to sort through the replies trying to figure out if you are voting or just replying. Just make a new comment, it will save us loads of trouble. For this reason, any votes not complying with the rules stated above will not be counted.

I want to promote this community to another community I am a member of. Are there certain rules? Yes. We have to have rules about posting in other communities as to not step on anyones toes. Before you post any of our promo banners, please make sure that it is NOT against the rules to promote other communities. Some of the images are pretty big and we don't want to upset anyone, so use an LJ-Cut if you need to.

I have a lot to say and many different things I want to post! But where do they belong? The main community is specifically for applications and HP discussion. Things are simpler that way, and it is easier on the friends list. Memes, quizes, icon posts, etc. can be done at your designated common rooms. We do value interhouse communication and hope that you will use the forum as a place to discuss things with other members.

I have a community that I want to get affiliated with Newts_Exam, how do I go about doing it? Simply by going to THIS PAGE and leaving a comment about your community and why you think it should be affiliated with us.

(This form is all ready to be used, even with the questions bolded and an LJ-Cut ready - just cut and paste. Please assume that all questions have "and why" after them. Also make sure and type your answers after the < / b > tag)

John - the_duke

Assistant Head
Jessy - jessycat_techie

Head of House
Gryffindor - Chrissy - prongssy
Slytherin - Angela - crescent
Ravenclaw - Jen - riotgrrrl57
Hufflepuff - Emily - hermionegsnape

Gryffindor - gramercy & polkadotsquared
Slytherin - winter_noir & r_grayjoy
Ravenclaw - ms_dollsome
Hufflepuff - jptrumptone

House Points = 825

House Points = 427

House Points = 277

House Points = 185

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